“It’s the best day of the week when you come!” Gwen Page-Coker

“I always feel so much better after my aromatherapy, I can feel the blood moving again!” Mrs  Davis, Victoria Nursing Homes

“I have found Victoria an especially giving and good therapist on both my visits to Tilton House.” Caroline Slyger Jones  www.yoga-abode.com

“I just feel totally safe in your hands” Laura, Eastbourne

“I have done yoga classes for years. Having one to one yoga with Vic and learning the postures at my own pace was like learning them properly for the first time. There is a big difference between ‘doing’ a posture and being helped to ‘find ‘ your way into feeling it. I am now much more confident in my yoga practice and get so much more out of it having had some individual sessions. Vic is an excellent practitioner. She is very skilful in adapting an individual practice to suit my needs.”

“Vic has been giving me massages for over 6 years. The first time I met her, I immediately felt I could trust her and deeply relaxed into the massage. She is very intuitive and it is great to be able to have different types of massage depending on my energy levels. I have recommended her to lots of friends who have also found her to be excellent.”

“Combining an individual yoga session and a massage has worked really well for me. They complement each other and allows for Vic to help with aches or just relaxation in two different ways.”  Helen, Lewes